The Abortion Diaries is a documentary featuring 12 women who speak candidly about their experiences with abortion. The women are doctors, subway workers, artists, activists, military personnel, teachers and students; they are Black, Latina, Jewish and White; they are mothers or child-free; they range in age from 19 to 54. Their stories weave together with the filmmaker's diary entries to present a compelling, moving and at times surprisingly funny "dinner party" where the audience is invited to hear what women say behind closed doors about motherhood, medical technology, sex, spirituality, love, work and their own bodies.

Audience Award, New Orleans International Human Rights Film Festival
Choice USA "Spirit of Communication" Award
Best Documentary (Student), Carolina Film/Video Festival

The Abortion Diaries
Digital video; color; letterbox
(30 minutes)

Produced/Directed by Penny Lane
Edited by Penny Lane and Anne Barliant
Camera by Joseph Victorine and Elizabeth Ellis
Sound Recording by Christopher Asta
Original music by Guitars & Hearts , Alpha Ursa &
Jump Cannon
Funding from the Puffin Foundation & NYSCA
Site Design: Thom Stylinski

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"When Penny Lane asked women to talk about their experiences for her film The Abortion Diaries, their responses challenged her preconceptions — and they just might change yours, too." – Shawn Stone, Metroland

"Clear-eyed and surprisingly compelling . . . the kind of thing you'd like to force Hillary "sad, even tragic" Clinton to watch." – Annie Wagner, Seattle Stranger

"In the span of just 30 minutes, The Abortion Diaries challenges the notion that while progressive women may openly fight for the right to choose an abortion, talking about the actual experience of having an abortion is something that only happens in hushed tones, behind closed doors." – Sara Seinberg, Choice magazine

"At times funny and at times heart-wrenching." – Molly Maeve Eagan, Chronogram

"An honest look at compromise, indecision and lapses in judgment." – Marie Lyn Bernard,

“A critical tear in the shroud behind which we hide the lives and feelings of thousands of women who choose abortion each year.” – Blue Carreker, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood

“These are the voices that have been missing in the national conversation about abortion.” – Claire Keyes, Allegheny Reproductive Health Center